Zing Zing Zingbah is the most annoying Boohbah. He looks like a Cheeto ball.

Name origin

His/her??? name comes from zingzingzing, the noise that BEES make.


His flavor is orange, although Chippen Fish has claimed that he tastes like pomegrante.

Favorite annoying device

his voice. he says ZINGZINGZINGZINGZINGZINGZINGZING and TOILETS TOILETS TOILETS and 👙. He is most likely the spammer from Shopkins Wiki.


His enemies include:

  • HiSun: Ever since (I left the city you) Zing didn't let HiSun join the crew of Boohbah, HiSun has been using her cookie army to destroy Zing. He is half defeated by the cookies. 


His friends include:

  • WatermelonSunshine: WatermelonSunshine uses Zing as a minion of hers sometimes, as Boohbah are Teletubby minions and Watermelon is a Teletubby. He is actually the one responsible for much of her spam. When she isn't on Wikia because of school, he spams for her.