Tooly I Am King is the most popular show on Nickelodeon.


The show is about a sailor hat with legs and arms named Tooly. He also looks like cheese or a sponge. Anyway, Tooly is king. I don't know what he's king of, but he is king. He lives in a giant bikini and acts bossy because he is king. Tooly he is king. Yes, he lives with his queen.


  • Tooly-The main character of the show. Like the show's title says, he is king. He lives in Pineapple Bottom in a bikini and works at the Krabby Krust as a king.
  • Hat Trick-Tooly's best friend. He is a party hat. He lives under a cookie and is the stupidest character on the whole show. This is why fans like him - they can relate to him.
  • Edward-Tooly's grumpy neighbor who is infected by Anger. Like his name says, he is an ed. He plays the trombone.
  • Ruby-Tooly's pet slug who meows.
  • Mr. Barks-A fry cook crab at the Krabby Krust. Tooly is his king. He really likes money.
  • Amoeba-The villain of the show, who wants to steal the king's crown from Tooly.
  • ALT 2.0-AMOEBA'S COMPUTER WIFE. Is she the same Alt 2.0 from Pop'n Music and Teletubbies, or are there just a lot of Alt 2.0s? We shall never know...
  • Mandy Leaks-A chipmunk who moved to Pineapple Bottom from NOO YAWK. She speaks with a weird accent. Tooly and Hat Trick like to make fun of her. She's also good at Tae Kwon Do.
  • Hi$un-Tooly's servant and a pufferfish who Tooly tries to teach how to drive a HiSun Motors boat. However, she sucks at it despite having her license. Many episodes focus on Tooly trying to take away Hi$un's driver's license.
  • ShopkinsAddict- Tooly's second ex-wife and queen of the sea. She did not want kids with the king because she doesn't want sponge children. Many episodes focused on Tooly begging his wife to have kids but she refuses. She divorced him after a while because of this.
  • Elsa- Tooly's ex-wife and queen of Arendelle. She wanted to be the queen with Tooly as king, but she was fired because she creates ice, not fire.

Tooly's pet slug, Ruby.

Tooly's Theme Song

Sung by Piratey the Paint and some random kids.

Hey kids, are you ready?!
I can't hear you!

Who lived in the sea wearing a bikini? (Tooly I Am King!)
Yellow and porous is he will be in the water (Tooly I Am King!)
If nonsense of the journey is what you want (Tooly I Am King!)
Then, when you drop to the deck, Colorado like a fish! (Tooly I Am King!)

Tooly I Am King!
Tooly I Am King!
Tooly I Am King!
Tooly I Am King!

(Tooly plays his arms like a violin. How does he even do that?!)


  • Somehow, this show has lasted for 10 seasons and is almost 20 years old. WOW.
  • Who is this sponge named Bob you speak of?
  • At the end of every episode, beginning in season 9, he sings Pen Pineapple Apple Pen and dresses up like PikoTaro.
    • Before that, it was all the other dumb dance craze songs through the years. Before PPAP, it was "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)", and when the show first premiered, it was the Macarena.
      • It is predicted that Tooly will do the Mannequin Challenge and sing "Black Beatles" at the end of every episode beginning in season 10.
        • Tooly now Fidget Spins while singing It's Everyday Bro in season 11.
          • Now Tooly flosses and sings Gucci Gang in season 12.
          • Oh look, Tooly doing the defauly fortnite dance and singing Moto Moto in season 13.
  • Tooly I Am King is affiliated and associated with Shopkins(ins).
  • It is possible he is king of weather in general, meaning he could either be the true form of Ultra Miser, The fusion of all three Miser brothers (Snow Miser, Heat Miser, and North Wind Miser), or their father.
  • There is now a musical for him called Tooly I Am King the Musical
  • Ron Weasley was king before him, according to this song.
  • Edward appears at the SUPPER BOWL LIII.