The 9 Circle of The H Place with surrounding territories

The 9 circles of The H Place are nine terrifying websites on the internet that you should never have accounts on or go to. They have an official language called H Placese. The place is shaped like an H because it is relevant to the plot, setting, and character summary of each circle.

Circle 1:

Too EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLL >:( >:( >:( to describe here...hence why we gave it its own self-explanatory page.

Circle 2: Snapchat

Also known as "Circle Lucky 7."

Circle 2: DeviantArt

Also worthy of its own page, which Water is in the process of making.

Circle 3: Dubsmash

A ripoff of, but with less Nightcore and more stupid quotes and sound effects. It is also the home of Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (PPAP). This place is ruled by PikoTaro.

OLD Circle 3: Vine

Basically the predecessor to, where people make cringey 6-second videos, often trying to duplicate other people's stupid videos. These videos loop forever because the people on Vine have ridiculously short-term memory loss, even worse than that of Dory's. Many dumb and pointless memes, like "WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE" and "**** Daniel" spawned from Vine. Jake Paul's fame spawned from here. The Teletubbies even hate Vine (except for Tinky Winky), which proves something.

Fortunately, Twitter plans to buy it and shut it down, hence why Vine was demoted from being a Circle of the H Place.


Circle 4: Tumblr

I can sum this up in a few words: edgy. pronouns. small text for no reason. uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu, and the ever popular reaction: omG I CAN'T BREATHE

That's all there is to know about Tumblr. Don't ask anything more.

Circle 5: Wikieden

Basically a "mirror site" for Wikia that replaces every instance of the name "Wikia" with "Wikieden", and crashes iPads. May or may not be a virus.

Circle 6: Encyclopedia Dramatica

A website which is also most likely a virus. Crashes iPads with loads of pop-ups, often featuring grotesque images. Works fine on iPhones, where you see that the site makes articles that basically hate on anything and everything. Known for being a bitter rival with DeviantArt.

Circle 8: Instagram/Finstagram


WatermelonSunshine doesn't even know what this is, but she hears people mention it all the time at school. Apparently it's some clone of Instagram that only "KEWL KIDZ" have.

SEWIOUS UPDATE: WatermelonSunshine now knows that Finsta isn't a separate website, but rather a second Instagram account. Basically what people who don't reside in the H Place would call an "alt". However, it's staying as a circle because people use their fin-I mean, ALTS to do cancerous stuff they wouldn't do on their normal accounts.

As for what people do on finstagram, they post dumb selfies and cringy spam photos. Usually, they are private accounts because of people being insecure worried about people they know finding these accounts.

Circle 9: GoAnimate

A site where immaturely, underaged kids with no talent make lame videos featuring cookie-cutter characters who have text-to-speech voices that often feature "baby show" characters getting grounded; getting in trouble at school; getting beat up; and the like. Caillou is particularly well known for being grounded and getting black cards. GoAnimators are also big cyberbullies who whine, curse, and get overly dramatic over people who don't respect their PRECIOUS OPINIONS. Said people are all lumped into a category known as "bad users" and are shunned by almost everyone on said site. These so-called bad users include Trent Morrison (who is 18 yet acts like he's 8) and Warren Cook. They also tend to be fans of stuff that nobody except other GoAnimators cares about, such as Duckman, VHS/DVD openings and closings and WHATEVER THE HISUN KIRA KIRA POP PRINCESS IS. This site spawned the Grounded Fetish. Nowadays, it is for business and is a candidate for replacing, but people still make cringy videos using GoAnimate For Schools, and many the GoAnimate users are moving to DeviantArt and Kisekae (a girly dress-up game that WatermelonSunshine knows OliviaOil06 likes) yet still acting the exact same way they did in the past.

The Circles

9 is the most tolerable, 1 IS THE MOST EVIL.

9. GoAnimate
8. Instagram/Finstagram
7. DeviantArt
6. Twitter
5. YouTube
4. Facebook
3. Tumblr
2. Snapchat


  • JustineCarl5's sister has an Instagram account in which she has a particular color to post on her feed. She also has THREE Facebook accounts and a Twitter account! Yikes!
  • Deshna Lilyberry has an account for Facebook, but she is not active there anymore.