Sun Repellent is a repellent to keep the two major[1] suns (HiSun and WatermelonSunshine aka MadiSun) and others who consider theirselves "Sun" from fighting, arguing, and saying, "Get off my lawn you whippersnapper!".


What's the use of your eyes if you don't use it? LOOK FOR THE FIRST SENTENCE OF THIS PAGE!

How to Use

In the middle of their argument, squirt some of the repellent to both of them and they'll stop eventually. RUDENESS NOT NEEDED.


Made from OliviaOil's flowers, HiSun's cookies, WatermelonSunshine's cheetos and pringles, TheSnuggleKinz's spamming, Lava stamp's shrimp chips, and JustineCarl's ice cubes. For a SERIOUS sun repellent, add sun burns.


  • This repellent may also work on TheSungleKinzA, TheSungleKinzB, JusunCarl5, OliviaOil0Sun, Lava sunp, Desun Lilyberry, Sunce03, Alena77Sun9, Sunpa, Sunster4ever11111, Whisunbeth berry 8, Sunperdolls22, SunkinsAddict and CoolSunCassandra


  1. As seen in the trivia section, other users can be suns