The Stupid Cat Revolution was the first cat-related attack which was forced on the cows, lynxes, hedgehogs, mice and all other animals. It began exactly 1000 years ago from the Ruby Cats, and next year, it will still be 1000 years ago because it is 1000% relevant to the plot.


The king of the ruby cats, aka First Ruby Cat became mad because he was always hungry. So he plotted to make the cows feed him milk, the mice mice, and anything else he could use to stuff himself. He later had kittens with his sweetie pie Rhonda and they had more hungry kittens! So all the ruby cats pushed away the other animals and lazily started to eat Poison Ivy. First Ruby Cat said it tasted "goodyummy" and that's why some new cat species have green eyes.

How it Ended

First Ruby Cat got a stomach ache and called it quits. (Actually, Old McDonald's ancestor locked him in his basement for six days so he could become thinner.)