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Strawberry Shortcake is a red-headed (now pink-headed) girl who can't keep her show on air.


Strawberry Shortcake has a dark shade of pink hair which some people call red. She has a tiny little strawberry which she uses as a hat because she is berry small. Her eyes are green because she ate pondo venenum hedera. She has rag doll freckles to make her look old. She has a way too short white tee which would probably fit 80s shortcake just fine. To make matters worse, she has a decent sized skirt that she pulled up just, way too far. She wears her classical striped leggings which she never takes off along with plain "red" flats.

Current "Friends" who are scared of Pinkie Pie and My Little Derpy.

  • Bluberrie Muffin- A bookworm who literally has a worm as her slave. Believe it or not, she is secretly Princess Cadance/Candace! She pretends to be smart, but she really is just a half-brained fruitcake.
  • Lemonia Meringue- A hairstylist who can act REALLY sour. She also enjoys doing henna on her dog. Pinkie Pie from MLP is going to sue her for copying her voice.
  • Sou Grapes- A villain turned villian-in-disguise who for some reason is a friend of Shorty Strawbs. Very snobby indeed! She was married to an average Purple Pie Man of Porcupine Peak until she grew younger.
  • Razzy Torte- A dressmaker who gets overwhelmed by her voice. Pinkie Pie from MLP's sisters all are going to sue her. She is best known for her amazing mid 2000's manners.
  • Apple Dump- Strawb's lil sis who loves and has a trash can in her name. Sunset Shimmer, A EQGMLP will sue her. She is mad at Strawbs because she is now her cousin. She really likes to evolve, disappearing for a few years to change from a baby to an adult.
  • Huck- Strawb's possible boyfriend; he is also shipped with Bluberrie making this weird. His hair is a normal hair color instead of like blue because that would look wired, not weird.
  • Sweet Caroline Grapes- She's actually Fluttershy in disguise. Also, she wears glasses because of near-blindness. She is secretly jealous of Sou because she was formerly married to the Pie man.
  • Cheri Jam- A singer from Huge City. We never see her hometowncity, because it is that big. Pinkie Pie sued her for talking like how she sings. She is a superstar aka one hit wonder with one known single. Her famous quote which she totally created herself is "Anything is Possible!" Along with that, "You know that I'm unstoppable" which probably derived from her wicked stepmother being jealous. Or maybe that was Cindy...
  • Oriana Blossom- A worker at a fruit and veg and whatever store (Knock off of Wal-mart!). Pinkie Pie already sued her for copying her original voice. Her hair is a normal hair color instead of orange because of people like TRum:P. She also had stolen a tadpole who was named Tad. Or maybe it was Butch? Or Stuart, hm? What about Todd? Eh, who cares, she threw him away anyway!
  • Plum' Pudding- A really quirksome (quirky and someone) dancer who is exceedingly unprofessional. She is Rainbow Dash's true self. For some cringy reason, she used to be a clutz but now she's a dancer, weird! Many people think that the apostrophe is after "Puddin'" in place of the "g", but it really is after the word "Plum" because her real name is Plump. *See trivia for controversies regarding Plum'*

Friends she should have

  • Walnut & Pear Blossom- Two characters that TSK used in 2011 to destroy the SSC wiki. (FOR REAL!)

Berry Princess Controversies

  • The Berry Princess has a dress showing ALL OF HER NECK. Extremely inappropriate!
  • The Berry Princess looks like Barbie.
  • The Berry Princess returned as a BERRYKIN.
  • If you search up strawberry shortcake berry princess, it just shows a movie of the same title because THE INTERNET IS RIGGED

What are Berrykins?

  1. Berries with teletubby faces.
  2. Cannibals.
  3. Big-headed living things.



Rag doll Strawberry with pink cat.

  • 1979: Born with a rag doll charm.
  • 1980: Started her Six-year TV streak.
  • 1985: Quit TV and became a fad.
  • 1991: Adopted by a stuck up toy branding company
  • 1992: Disappeared from the spotlight.
  • 2003: Back to TV with another "new look".
  • 2006: Becomes a teenager, "new look".
  • 2009: Becomes an adult with, you guessed it, a "new look".
  • 2014: She had to switch brands again because no one wants her.
  • 2099: Becomes a smurf.


  • She is clearly a copy of Raggedy Ann.
  • Her hair has evolved from orange-red-orange-red-pink.
  • Her "friend" Plum' Pudding from the first two 80's movies was a boy. While most people believe that Plum came back to the series as a girl was due to love triangles and consumerism, it is much simpler. Another ghetto character called T.N. Honey actually married boy Plum' and they literally became one, as T.N. Honey was a girl, and boy Plum' looked fairly similar to girl plum. Makes sense right? This should be a conspiracy theory.
  • Know one knows when her new shoe'll ome out. It could be on infindite hiatus!