The Shoppies Controversy was started by TheSnuggleKinz.

Fifteen Controversial Shoppies Statements

  1.  The Smoothie Truck does not have seatbelts. This encourages kids to not wear seatbelts like their Shoppies! YOUR KIDS ARE GOING TO DRIVE SOME DAY!
  2. Shoppies don't have removable tops!  This encourages kids to wear the same thing every day, YUCK! And those crazy kids who always wanna play dress up with their dolls will just cut the top off, and you'll have to BUY MORE SHOPPIES! The cycle will keep going until Shoppies are removed from stores.
  3. There are MANY Jessicakes and Bubbleishas for example in the world. This is forcing kids to wear and look the exact same way as everyone else does! Ever heard of being UNIQUE? Again, they will make you buy MORE so that Popette can have a "twin".
  4. The Shoppies have hair dye!  Blue Hair?  Pink Hair?  Yellow Hair? Blue, Pink, Yellow and Purple Hair?  These kids are going to destroy their hair by coloring it with sharpies!  Also, look at all the intricate hairstyles!  They are going to steal YOUR curling irons and burn their hair off!  And YOU'LL have to explain to their hairdressers! Nevermind, they'll be bald by then.
  5. ALL of the Shoppies wear heels. OUCH! Kids should not ruin their ankles! This is encouraging young girls to wear heels....and fall backwards onto their necks! ARE YOU TRYING TO PUT YOUR CHILDREN IN WHEELCHAIRS BEFORE YOU?
  6. They are FRIENDS with Shopkins, food!  This encourages kids to play with their food, instead of eating it!  Now you know why the Shoppies are so thin! THEY DON'T EAT! DO YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO STARVE?
  7. ALL of the Shoppies wear makeup! This encourages young kids to look like their Shoppies! This will NOT end well! Not only will they make you buy more Shoppies, but the cycle will repeat as they will try their makeup on the Shoppies to "test" (fail) it.
  8. They are SHOPpies.  This will make young kids want to carry around purses, go to every store in the world, and even name their future kids after grocery store items! They might even run away to go shop and NEVER. COME. BACK! EEK!
  9. Some Shoppies, like Donatina, have bracelets.  However, they cannot be removed!  This could either encourage tattoos, or cutting off your circulation!  Little kids' wrists will be broken off their bodies and YOU will be to blame!
  10. Shoppies come with VIP CREDIT CARDS! Kids will be stealing their parents' credit cards to use them on the Shopkins app! Disturbing!  And once they realize what your credit card is for, THEY WILL USE IT. A LOT.  AND YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY.  What will they buy? MORE. SHOPPIES.
  11. Shoppies come with Shopkins, grocery store items with faces!!! This encourages kids to print/make human faces and put the parts on their food before eating it!!!!! PAPER AND INK ARE NOT FOOD!
  12. Gemma Stone has a diamond shaped TATTOO over her eye! Kids will be stealing pens and sharpies to color their faces, they'll be hideous! What will they do when they REALIZE THAT IT LOOKS HORRIBLE? Put YOUR makeup over it! The possibilities are endless, and that's NOT a good thing.
  13. Some Shoppies wear food-themed accessories! This encourages kids to stick food to their accessories and wear it!!!!! DO YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO BE CIRCLED WITH FLIES AND ANTS?!
  14. Some Shoppies like Pirouetta and Gemma Stone have symbols in their eyes! Your kids will paint their eyes to look like their Shoppies, never mind the scary eyelashes! DO YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO GO BLIND?
  15. Some Shoppies have SUPER LONG HAIR like Rainbow Kate, Jessicake, and many others. Kids will glue their hair to MAKE IT LONG, just like their Shoppies. Do you want your kids TO TRIP ON THE STAIRS AND BREAK THEIR NECKS (along with their shoppies' necks)?!

W!CKED Shoppie Name Curses

  • Popette is a rude name. Anyone with ette in there name will pop, or maybe even explode if they buy this Shoppie doll.
  • Jessicake makes girls named Jessica eat way too much cake and cupcakes if they buy this Shoppie doll!
  • Peppa-Mint is stolen from Peppa Pig, which supposedly causes autism according to hundreds of sources! You don't want your kid watching Peppa Pig, do you? Don't buy this Shoppie!
  • Donatina doesn't even have donut in her name, so Moose calls her Donutina half the time. If any Tina gets this Shoppie doll, they will have their name spelled incorrectly by everyone!
  • Sara Sushi is Sara dead fish. This implies that all Saras are dead fish. If a Sara buys this Shoppie doll, they may turn into a dead fish!
  • Pam Cake makes girls names Pam or Pamela eat cake, just like what Jessicake does, if that Pam or Pamela gets this Shoppie doll!
  • Pineapple Lily makes girls called Lily sing Pen Pineapple Apple Pen if they get this super pricy Shoppie doll!
  • Rainbow Kate makes girls named Kate who buy the Rainbow Kate Shoppie doll start singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" uncontrollably.
  • Bubbleisha makes girls named Elisha start dancing and singing "Bubble Butt". That is, if they bought at least one of the Bubbleisha Shoppie dolls.
  • Gemma Stone makes girls named Gemma and Emma, if they get the Gemma Stone Shoppie, dig for diamonds all day in the mine.
  • Kirstea makes girls named Kristen,, or Kirsty who get this Shoppie doll drink tea instead of water and juice! Talk about caffeinated!
  • Pirouetta makes girls who buy this Shoppie doll with etta in their name wear pointe shoes and break their toes permanently!
  • Melodine is just an advertisement for Melodyne, because it's literally ONE LETTER AWAY. This makes girls named Melody who buy the Melodine Shoppie use the autotune-like Melodyne!
  • Lippy Lulu makes girls who buy the Lippy Lulu Shoppie doll named Lulu wear excessive amounts of lipstick!
  • Spaghetti Sue makes girls with names like Sue, Susan, Suzie, etc. eat absurd amounts of spaghetti if they purchase the Spaghetti Sue Shoppie doll! Very unhealthy!
  • Coco Cookie encourages people who buy the Coco Cookie Shoppie to dip their cookies in hot chocolate.
  • Lucy Smoothie makes girls named Lucy who own the Lucy Smoothie Shoppie doll get drunk on smoothies!
  • Kristina Apples makes girls who buy this Shoppie named Kristina, Christina, Cristina, etc. sing Pen Pineapple Apple Pen as a round with girls named Lily.
  • Tiara Sparkles makes little girls who wear tiaras on their heads while ballet dancing sparkle so much that they make people blind! That is, if they bought the Tiara Sparkles Shoppie doll.
  • Riana Radio makes little girls who own the Riana Radio Shoppie doll listen to Rihanna songs 24/7 on the radio!
  • Queenie Hearts makes queens who for some reason have a Queenie Shoppie say "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" It is unknown if they will actually do the off with your head part, however.
  • Milly Mops makes girls named Milly who buy a Milly Mops Shoppie forced to be housemaids who mop floors!
  • Rosie Bloom makes people who buy a Rosie Bloom Shoppie prick their finger on rose thorns, and sleep for 1000 years like Aurora!
  • Polli Polish makes girls named Polli or Polly who buy this Shoppie do the 100 layers of nail polish/#PolishMountain challenge!
  • Chelsea Cheeseburger makes girls who are named with names starting with "Ch" go to McDonald's to buy burgers EVERY DAY!
  • Candy Sweets makes girls named Candace, Candi, etc. who buy this doll stuff their faces with sweets! Your kids ARE NOT part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, talk some sense into 'em!
  • Daisy Petals makes girls named Daisy who have this Shoppie PLUCK THE PETALS OFF OF EVERY FLOWER THEY SEE! Um, evil!
  • Tippy Teapot makes anyone who has this Shoppie "tip" their tea by putting money in it AND pouring the tea out to drink the money! DISGUSTING AND SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS.
  • Cocolette makes anyone who has "ette" in their name eat cocoa without sugar uncontrollably. Yeah, it's a bit more healthy, but it will taste terrible! This will only happen if they have this Shoppie, however.
  • Pia Puzzle makes girls named Pia who buy her OBSESSIVELY put together puzzles. They will have no time for anything else, no friends, just puzzles.
  • Macy Macaron makes anyone who went to Macy's or is named Macy do the Macarena everywhere they go! This will only happen if they have this doll.
  • Fria Fro-yo makes girls named Fria (or other similar names) puts every food item they have in the freezer, like, that's gross. You can easily prevent this from happening by NOT buying this Shoppie.
  • Bridie makes anyone who has this Shoppie kiss EVERYTHING THEY SEE! There is no way to stop this from happening, so don't buy her. Of course, this only happens if you have this Shoppie doll.
  • Pretti Pressie makes anyone who has this Shoppie mail themselves in a box to some random stranger as a "present!"