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The story of Shopkinsins:

Once, there was a group of fake toy producers. They were drunk, however. They decided to make some fake shopkins. However, they forgot how to spell shopkins! This caused them to put "Shopkinsins" as the toy name. They also didn't know how to write "yeah," so they wrote "yean." The sent the idea to their employees, which questioned the name, they thought their bosses were trying to make a whole new toy. Then, another drunk staff member said that they were supposed to be shopkins. They took the drunk staff member's advice and started producing the fake toys. Their most popular shopkinsin was the golden Apple Blossom. On a wiki called Shopkins Wiki, there was a whole chain of comments about this golden Apple Blossom. They even said that Trump made it! However, it was the shopkinsins company. Rumors have spread that the gold Apple Blossom was a Trumpkin....

The End!

Golden beauty

The shopkinsins pack with the golden Apple Blossom.