Piattos are kinds of potato chips and a Filipino snack. They have a triangle-like shape. There are five flavors available: Cheese, Sour Cream and Onion, Nacho Pizza (COPY OF NACHO CHEESE DORITOS!!!), Roast Beef, and Roadhouse Barbeque. JustineCarl5 loves these especially the Cheese and Roast Beef flavor. HiSun had also tasted these and she also likes them.

They seem like

A knock off of Doritos!


The company who made these might have a competition with Nova's company-OH WAIT! THEY'RE MADE BY THE SAME COMPANY THAT CREATED NOVA! CRINGE!

People Who Tasted These

  • JustineCarl5 (He love love love them!!!)
  • HiSun (She CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT these.)
  • Pinkie Sprinkle Lee (She can't live without these, too. ESPECIALLY SOUR CREAM)
  • Most Filipinos (duh!)

People who want to try them