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Pen-Cecil XVII was the first person to discover the Stoopiverse. He looked the same from the day he came into the Stoopiverse and registered as a Stoopie. He is the seventeenth Pen-Cecil to exist. His son will someday replace him as the eighteenth Pen-Cecil. Oddly enough, every Pen-Cecil in the dynasty (none had any siblings) were male. The only female members of the family were the ones that the Pen-Cecils married along with Pen-Cecil I's mother. #whataretheodds

His Minions

  1. Poland Frys
  2. Po
  3. Teletubbies
  4. Minions

Family and Friends

Pen's family was formerly unknown to us silly humans. If we had visited the Stoopiverse, then we would have known much sooner. His bestbestbest friend is Poland Frys. He may be friends with Chippen Fish, but this is unconfirmed. Also, he eats fish, and Chippen Fish says "being friends with Pen-Cecil would be an act of indirect cannibalism."

Pen-Cecil Family Lifespans

  • Pen-Cecil I (1453-1523)
  • Pen-Cecil II (1478-1527)
  • Pen-Cecil III (1500-1603)
  • Pen-Cecil IV (1557-1619)
  • Pen-Cecil V (1584-1649)
  • Pen-Cecil VI (1620-1668)
  • Pen-Cecil VII (1640-1709)
  • Pen-Cecil VIII (1691-1735)
  • Pen-Cecil IX (1712-1756)
  • Pen-Cecil X (1733-1809)
  • Pen-Cecil XI (1788-1853)
  • Pen-Cecil XII (1823-1859)
  • Pen-Cecil XIII (1841-1903)
  • Pen-Cecil XIV (1868-1932)
  • Pen-Cecil XV (1893-1952)
  • Pen-Cecil XVI (1933-1999)
  • Pen-Cecil XVII (1974-Present)
  • Pen-Cecil XVIII (2003-Present)

Knowledge power. He knows what hit him, a Pig Nuke manufactured by Pig Corp. Pen also knows all the stars (hint: there are only 619e1939405 and counting)., all the places in Stoopitown (he loves the museum and grocery store) and Pen knows how to defeat Pig Corp.