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Nina Noodles is a Shopkinsins who is the Shopville's most wanted criminal. She betrayed all the Shopkins and came to live far away in the far away beyond Shopkisinsville. Rumor has it that she returned to her birthplace, the PPAP Café, which was her favorite place. As shown in the movie, she is very goth which explains to her (possibly) misunderstood persona.

Important News

In 2017 Nina reformed. She is still emo but hates cringe (except for Mrs Teavee).

Why she betrayed the Shopkinsinsinsinsins

She caused the Small Mart accident in aisle four and Shopkins started calling her the "Shopvillian". She then became EVIL and hated the Shopkins. Although Fleur and her crew are her first Shopkin friends, she still hates the rest of the Shopkinsinsinsinsinsinsins.

Things she is now a fan of

People who she is (Totally not) a fan of


  • She is the only Shopkin who hates Tell me what's cookin'.
  • She has two diseases: Sarcasm and Gothism/Emoism.
    • In fact, MANY characters from the Chef Club Movie have disorders and diseases. Bubbleisha has selfishism, Donatina has Obsessive Counting Disorder, and Peppa-Mint has shyitis, to name a few.
  • She loves Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (PPAP)
  • She secretly founded
  • She loves Dubsmash.
  • She was abused by ShopkinsCute. This may be why her behaviour is odd.
  • Her birthplace was the PPAP Café. This explains why she hates Tell me what's cookin' and loves PPAP.
  • Her celebrity crush is Johnny Johnny YesPapa. This maybe explains why she loves his nursery rhyme.
  • She is actually friends with Peppa-Mint and Buncho Bananas.
  • Lava stamp got her in the Shopkins app. TheSnuggleKinz said we shall reform her.
  • She is one of the many Shopkins ShopkinsAddict does NOT have.
  • She never smiles in the Shopkins cartoon.
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