dont do drugs kids

Lohocla REPELLENT is a repellent used to repel things that make people drink, vombarfup, or quit alcoholism. It has negatively positive affects on animals, and untested affects on humans.


It only exists in order to be the 40th repellent, and it has no purpose otherwise/pennywise.


Lohocla REPELLENT has been animal tested (30% reacted by illness, 32% reacted by biting humans, and 38% died immediately). Thoughsoever, the other 62% died within a month except for the unmortal Ruby Cat.


  • Alcoholicness
  • Soap


  1. Drink alcoholic beverages.
  2. A lot of alcohol.
  3. Until you physically can't handle life anymore so that you decide to quit alcohol because you feel drunk and tipsy and like you are going to think about something and something and then you consider dying and you'll float too and you don't give a bleep because....
  4. Basically, drink alcohol until you feel dead because it's a good idea.
  5. After this, digest soap so that you have a greater chance of being (content removed by Modest Frocks but re-added by goth and dreambroken) dead.

Type of Alcohol

The type of alcoholic beverage should include beer mixed with whiskey, a slight trace of sherry will make it more ancient as will a quarter tablespoon of sparkling wine. Drugs are also helpful, yet not necessary. Drinking a gallon of rubbing alcohol before will cause a larger rate of (content removed by Modest Frocks but re-added by goth and dreambroken) death.