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This is the entire list of cat breeds in the Stoopiverse. There are 100 total cats because that's a stereotypically perfect number. However, only about 1/4 of the cat breeds are on this page, and other breeds need to be added!

On the side, there are pictures of each cat in the stereotypical cat position.  This group of cats is not complete, but hopefully it will be soon!

Below, we have the list along with a description of each cat. To keep it simple, the genus of these cats "felis" will not be shown. For example, the Petey Type Cat's full scientific name is Felis Catus Rubysius F'leurtus. 

A comparison of each breed is also shown below along with a gallery of the real life cats.


Ruby Cat Catus Rubysius

The "Ruby" cat was the first found cat that began the Stupid Cat Revolution. They are generally marked by their grey fur and sharp yellow eyes. They were first bred around 1321-1420. Firstious Rubysius Catus, the First Ruby Cat, has become a celeb in this very Stoopiverse.

Petey Type Cat Catus Rubysius F'leurtus

A variation on a Ruby cat. Petey Type cats are generally girl-crazied male cats. Female Petey Type cats are the opposite, and they are known as "Jessies." They were first found about 6 years ago. Their only physical difference is that instead of having yellow eyes, they have either green, blue, or less vibrant green-yellow eyes. TheSnuggleKinz hoarded one and named him Potatocat.

Belgium Blue Cat Catus Elsius

Belgium Blue cats are blue. Like, ice blue, like, Elsa's Gown. Need I say more?

Magical Enchant Cat Catus Incantada

Magical Enchant Cats, also known as ME Cats, are found in Encantadia (sometimes in the Stoopiverse), and they have magical powers. They are usually seen in these plain colors: black, brown, white, blonde and orange (rarely), and they are half-Little Feral Cats and half-Belguim Blue Cats. They are identical to the Little Feral Cat (if they are brown), except for a few blue splotches. Deshna Lilyberry had hoarded one named Bridgette. They were formerly known as "Magical Enchantment Cats".

Little Feral Cat Catus Cabre

Some cats are characterized as being brown, fat, chubby, cute, and very "salad" as said by King #2 of the 20th century. They are often found in groups by water towers in Paris.

Opal Cat Catus Cabre Essynce

Opalescence Cats are just white and tiny. They are a mix of the Little Feral Cat and the Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat Catus Madus

Grumpy cats are highly unnoticed, non-famous, non-meme-worthy cats that live somewhere. They are distinct from other cats because of their lack of media, brownish faces, and happy expression.

Broccoli Cat Catus Algenli

Broccoli Cats are a distinct breed of cats with yellow teeth. They only eat fish, broccoli, and fish food. They can sometimes (always) appear green after eating too much broc'.

Froot Cat Catus Fatus

Froot cats are cats that look like a frooty color. They have only been found in orange. TheSnuggleKinz has a very fat froot cat called Fat-a-Dat.

Foxing Cat Catus Fatus Volpes

Foxing Cats are cats that look like Fox Cats. However, they are part of the Old World specie type. The first foxing cat was the child of a Froot Cat and Stripey Cat.

Stripey Cat Catus Livorus

Stripey cats are very stripey, orangish brown cats. They are commonly referred to as Abbytays, and they are usually fat.

Mitten Cat Catus Glovas

Mitten cats wear mittens that they claim (or claw) are their legit fur. They are usualways black and white. TheSnuggleKinz has one called La Faunya.

Splotches Cat Catus Caihus

Splotches cats have orange, black and white splotches all over their face. They are similar in looks to Mega Splotch cats, but have no similar genetics.

Tortoise Splotch Cat Catus Habitus

These cats, commonly abbreviated as TSC, have white on their faces and paws, but brown, orange, and more brown splotches. OliviaOil06 had one but she now resides in StarClan; she was named FlAva. In the universe, cats called Tortoiseshell cats exist, but they are identical to black splotch cats. This is because OliviaOil06 didn't know what a torty is.

Splotched Body Cat Catus Habitus Corpurus

A super rare variation on the Tortoise Splotch Cat. This species is caused by a mutation that makes their faces and feet "white as mary's lamb".

Mega Splotch Cat Catus Ingenus

Some cats have orange, black, and white splotches on their entire body. They are similar to Splotches Cats, but have no similar genetics.

Black Splotch Cat Catus Ingenus Negris

Black Splotch Cats are Mega Splotch cats without white splotches. TheSnuggleKinz has one called Phoph.

Ebony Cat Catus Titanius

Cats that are Ebony are part of the breed, Ebony cat. Their favorite holiday is Antihalloween. Small, young Ebony cats are known as Ittenkays. They stereo-typically are known to have green eyes, but it was found that only about 38% have green eyes (Only 100 cats used, so it is a rough estimate).

Coon Cat Catus Puernatus

Similar in looks to the New World Feral, Coon Cats are the largest Old World cats in the world! They are typically marked by being big, fluffy and big.

Pinkie Cat Catus Cakaletus

Pinkie Cats are, of course, pink with a white heart on the right eye, which are blue. They are known for being the party-type cat, and they love rainbows, unicorns, party hats and anything girly. Male Pinkie Cats are scarce, but they tend to be red instead of pink. They oddly aren't party-type cats, and they are very fat and lazy.

Rainbowish Cat Catus Arcorilseva

The Rainbowish Cat (Also known as the Sherbet Cat) is the closet possible cat to being rainbow colored. It has all of the colors in the rainbow in random splotches, but the colors are...dull. These cats are usually at least 12 pounds, making them a bit fat.

Tuxgrey Cat Catus Grisecausa

The Tuxgrey Cat is similar to the mittens cat (with no major genetic similarities), but it is grey and white instead of black in white. It's entire body is grey except for the nose area, chin, belly, and paws, though cats with more white do exist as its subspecies.

Snowgrey Cat Catus Grisecausa Ninguis

The Snowgrey Cat is a sub-breed of the tuxgrey cat. They have white on their face as some mittens cats do. They were originally the same breed as tuxgreys, but further discoveries have found that they're different.

Iris Cat Catus Alinatus

The Iris Cat is a white cat whose eyes are two different colors. Other cats, such as Belgium Blue Cats, sometimes have two different colored eyes, but all Iris Cats have odd-eyes. Cats called "Opal Cats" which are white with non-odd-eyes are of a different unrelated breed. It has one sub-breed, the Double Cat.

Double Cat Catus Alinatus Geminus

One of the rarest named sub-breeds ever is the Double Cat. One side of its face is black, but the other side is orange, and the split is very precise. It is the sub-breed of the Iris Cat.


Note: The order of comparison is based on the order of their naming by The Cat Assoc.





Related Breed(s)

Ruby Cat Rubysius 1981 Gra Petey Type
Opal Cat Essynce 1982 W Little Feral, Grumpy
Rainbowish Cat Arcorilseva 1983 R N/A
Stripey Cat Livorus 1985 Br, O, W Foxing
Ebony Cat Titanius 1987 Bla N/A
Iris Cat Alinatus 1988 W Double
Mega Splotch Cat Ingenus 1990 Bla, O, W Black Splotch
Tuxgrey Cat Grisecausa 1991 Gra, W Snowgrey
Broccoli Cat Algenli 1994 Gre N/A
Black Splotch Cat Negris 1995 Bla, O Mega Splotch
Tortoise Splotch Cat Habitus 2002 Br, O, W Splotched Body
Coon Cat Puernatus 2003 Variable N/A
Pinkie Cat Cakaletus 2003 Pi, R, B N/A
Magical Enchant Cat Incantada 2005 Variable, Blu Belgium Blue, Little Feral
Little Feral Cat Cabre 2007 Br Opal, Magical Enchant
Splotches Cat Caihus 2008 Bla, O, W N/A
Double Cat Geminus 2009 Bla, O Iris
Splotched Body Cat Corpurus 2010 Bla, O, W Tortoise Splotch
Froot Cat Fatus 2011 O Foxing
Petey Type Cat Fleurtus 2011 Gra Ruby
Grumpy Cat Madus 2012 Br, W Opal
Belgium Blue Cat Elsius 2013 Blu Magical Enchant
Snowgrey Cat Ninguis 2013 W, Gra Tuxgrey
Foxing Cat Volpes 2015 Bla, Br, O, W Stripey, Froot
Mitten Cat Glovas 2016 Bla, W N/A

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