Heroic Master Affa is a fantasy book created by TheSnuggleKinz.


Written by Martin Luther King Einstein.

Affa the knight was the only female knight in Arendelle[1]. She felt strange being the only one, but she was determined to fulfil what she wanted to do. Ever since she and her sister Genie[2] got tipsy at 100 Acre Woods[3], she wanted to be a knight. She had no idea why, but she had to. She just somehow knew she had to. Once her time came, at the War of Troy[4], she was ready to fight, do right, and of course, be a knight[5]. She and her horse set off for battle. She knew that she could defeat the enemies, but she was not armed. She realized this, and headed back to the camp, but she was too late. What does too late mean? Is Affa okay? Is this the end of Affa? Is her horse okay[6]? Find out all of this and more in Heroic Master Affa.  

Description References

  1. Arendelle is Elsa's kingdom
  2. Genie was the first genie
  3. The 100 acres of Pooh's land, near Arendelle
  4. or "Trojan War"
  5. The typical duty of a knight
  6. NO, it's not even her horse

The Story

Affa was the only female knight in Arendelle. She knew she was destined to be one ever since she saw her future self in King Amo-Sep's crystal ball...