Emma Leah Eliza Beth, formally known as Emily Elizabeth is the "Mary Sue" actress in the reality TV show, Clifford.


Emma has an abnormally large face with ears, eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows. However, her brows do not match up with her hair color, and they may just be sharpies. #emmadontgotbrows Her hair is disgustingly thick and her forelock is 20x bigger than her eyes. It looks like she has a mustache on her head. She wears a pink sweater with a tight dickie (mock turtleneck). She has no neck or shoulders, however. Two black "buttons" are on her shirt because she finger painted (that explains her eight fingers). She has a tight black skirt which ombres into her outline. Her socks are very itchy, and she wears tight (again) slippers.

Tips for growing Big Red Dogs

Lacey, Dacey, Macey and Jacey from the Stupidity News had an epicfail of an interview that went like this:

Lacey: So Emma, how did you grow such a big dog?

Emma: He got mad at me and stole my hat.

Jacey: What hat?

Emma: Keep with the subject!

Lacey: And how did he get so red?

Emma: He is always burning red with anger.

Dacey: Sounds like fun!

Macey: No it doesn't, it sounds like a medical condition.

Lacey: Okay, so is Clifford really a dog?

Emma: No of course not, he's a girrafe with a medical condition that makes his neck short.

Why she made Clifford Mad


Emily Elizabeth before the Pigocopalyce

Clifford was the ugliest dog in the world, so Emma took a book and cast a spell which made him angry at her hat.

Emily Elizabeth is

A girl with yellow hair, wears a pink sweatshirt, has a black skirt, has pink and black socks, and has black shoes. 

The Past

Emily Elizabeth originally had button eyes, like Coraline.