"Because you know I'm all about that doge."

A doge's true colors

Dogs (commonly stylized as Doge) are animals disguised to look cute but are actually quite horrifying.


Some dogs eat plushies and teddys.

Common Breeds

  • Shibe "i know i can shibe you better"
  • Sausage
  • Fluffy "i'm so fluffy. u already know"
  • Plain Retriever
  • Collie "you used to collie on my cellphone"
  • Stuck up Poodle
  • Wolf-fox
  • Shih Tzu (pardon my french)
  • Bulldog Biter
  • Curly "sit still, look curly"

Dogs of Singers

  • Pink Doge
  • Sia Furdog
  • Katy Dogry
  • Tori Kelldog
  • Zayn Doglik
  • Doglyr Swift
  • Nicki Madog
  • Tina Dogner
  • Britney Dogs
  • Ed Sheerdog
  • Demi Lodogo
  • Avril Dogigne
  • Dogley Cyrus
  • Celine Dogon
  • Janet Dogson
  • Mariah Dogey
  • Adele Dogkins
  • Ridogna Fenty
  • Rachel Dogten
  • Justdog Bieber
  • Jennifer Dogez
  • Kesha Dogbert
  • Shakira Ripdog
  • Selena Dogmez
  • Ariana Grandog
  • Shawn Mendogz
  • Cher Sardogisian
  • Bedogce Knowles
  • Justin Timdoglake
  • Bruno Hernandog
  • Madogna Ciccone
  • Lady Germadogtta
  • Christina Doguilera

Honorable Doges



Da Vinci's portrait of Martha

Martha was a 14th century rescue dog who spoke English. She created Alphabet soup with her evil grandma, and her sister Helen. She also created the brand "Skittles" after her late boyfriend, Skits.



Rebecca Black's portrait of the dog, Clifford

Clifford is a food-coloring advertisement dog. In the ads, he shows that certain red food coloring turns red instead of pink! He is also notable for being very large, and having a friend name T-Rex-Bone. He does not like Emily Elizabeth, so he grew red with anger.



A child-like portrait of Ruff created by Lucy Somebody

Ruff (or Ruff Ruffman) is an orange dog used for promoting Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman. His cartoon counterpart is described by Donald Trump as "a psycho who has both a pet rat and cat". The real life Ruff actually has levitating eyebrows as confirmed by his photoshop artist. He is mainly used as a promotional figure for whiter teeth, grey mouth, stretchy ears, and (obviously) his TV show. He is considered an Orange Guy by the Anti-Trumporation.