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The Disney Princesses are characters made by Disney Walter, and their only purpose is their toys. Since they are all royalty, they were pictured with King Monkey Face from the Picmonkingdom. They are not queens because all queens are evil and all queens die in their movies.

The rainbow of Disney Princesses does not include red, but pink, and it goes in this order: Aurora, (OPEN), Belle, Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel. Green is a controversial color, as it once belonged to Ariel; and before Ariel, Tinkerbell. Because one is a pixie and the other is a dolphin, they can not be the princesses of these colors. Mulan was not considered during the choosing of a new green princess as she isn't an actual princess. Orange is secondarily controversial, as there is not one yet. Moana, if she becomes a true Disney Princess will be the orange princess.

The eleven official princesses are Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana, Merida, Rapunzel, Belle, Mulan, Pocahontas, & Jasmine. The three unofficial princesses are Elsa, Anna, & Moana. The pixie unofficial is Tinkerbell, and the Barbie unofficial is Barbara.

Elizabeth "Elsa" Frozen

Screenshot 2016-11-13 at 7.19.51 AM

Elsa, although technically not a princess, is the most overused costume idea for Halloween starting in 2014. The character is a snow blue queen with ice powers that she uses on people she dislikes. She is commonly known as "Elsa" because it stands for Every Little Stupid Apparel which describes kids dressing up as her for Halloween.

Hannah "Anna" Frozen


Anna is the younger sister of Elsa, making her a true princess. Moments in her life includes being entranced by a troll, having her parents die on the titanic, having her sister and Hans nearly ice her to death, and meeting a talking snowman. She is a musical princess, and sings songs for the first time in forever. While being in a secretly abusive relationship, she sang about love being an open door.

Red "Merida" Arrows

Casual Mari

Merida is a princess who doesn't want to be a princess, instead she wants to be a bear. She is best known for having three pet bears, shooting, and having fire colored hair. Also, if her hair was straightened, she'd probably be the new Rapunzel. She is the first princess to have a difficult-to-understand-in-English accent. She is also the first princess to not have a date because all of the men her age are seriously ugly. Another first of hers is that she is NOT made by Disney Walter, she is made by a Pixie. In Brave 2, which will never exist, she will probably marry a bear.

Blondie "Rapunzel" Tangled


Rapunzel is a previously kidnapped teen with deathly long hair. Her kidnapper 'mother' was a witch before being dead. Her real parents are actually both alive, unlike Cinderella's and Elsa's (two other dumb blondes) although her mother nearly died before Rapunzel was born. She fell in love with Eugene, a person who is the reason why the saying "Stay away from strangers" exists. Before this, however, Rapunzel tried to be a murderous Disney Princess by attempting to kill Eugene. Eventually, Punzie's hair got sliced and became poop-brown.

Christiana "Tiana" Frog

Screenshot 2016-11-13 at 1.45.17 PM

Tiana is a princess who loves to kiss amphibians for fun. Her best friend Lottie looks like the villain during the whole movie, but she never showed any symptoms. Tiana's husband is a frog because Tiana always wanted to be a frogologist. The only reason that Tiana wears green is so that she matches her froggy friend--and because she was needed for the rainbow of Disney Princesses.

Fa "Mulan" Ping


Mulan is the least princess-like Disney Princess. Firstly, she's a daughter of a former veteran, NOT a princess! Second of all, she's a TERRIBLE LIAR. She lied about her gender so she could be praised by people about what she did. That's why she wanted her father to not go, so she could be honored! The third reason is the worst. She is the most murderous Disney character in Disney history and some how she's not a villain, but a PRINCESS.

Little "Pocahontas" Smith-Rolfe


Pocahontas is a daughter of a chief, NOT A PRINCESS. She is so dumb, that she thinks the wind has colors. She once had a boyfriend named John Smith, but she thought his name was too boring. So instead, she got herself a new boyfriend named John Rolfe. However, John Smith is used much more in merchandise because Disney prefers blondes. She is best known as the uncanon princess because of her faulty dating habits.

Yasmin "Jasmine" Aladdin


Jasmine is an undignified princess who married a rat who owns a pet monkey (you'd think the other way around, eh?) Contrary to several Disney movies where a poor girl wants her very own Prince Charming, this hobo wants to marry a Princess to become royalty. Why? Feminism. Besides, the only reason why she wanted to marry an average dude on the street is because she's a savage. She is the only legit Disney Princess whose hubby is the main character. Why? Meninism.

Elizabeth "Belle" Beast

Screenshot 2016-12-23 at 7.47.41 AM

Belle is a princess who likes animals so much that she had to marry one. She is sometimes dubbed, "Beauty" because she is likely Sleeping Beauty's evil twin. And how did the Beast become a human? Firstly, it's NOT the same person. The beast is a cow, the prince is a human! IT'S SO OBVIOUS. Anyway, the reason that Belle likes animals is because she is 1/2 animal. She calls herself a vegan because eating meat "would be cannibalism."

Ariella "Ariel" Mermaid


Ariel is a mermaid who changed into a human so she could legally marry Prince Eric. Her father is a scary king who still accepts his merpeople ways, and her mother was killed because of greed. Ari has six sisters, a stolen pet fat-fish, and a crabby friend named after Johann Sebastian Bach. She likes music and singing because she's Under the Sea.

Briar "Aurora" Beauty

Screenshot 2016-11-13 at 1.01.54 PM

Aurora is a Disney Princess known for being cursed to die, and having her future husband kill a fairy. She has golden hair because that is the stereotypical color for a true princess, like Cinderella. She has three friends named Merryweather, Flora, and Fauna who are basically good for nothing. Aurora eventually gets married, and then she lives happily ever after. However, she's basically dead right now because no one has seen her since her movie in 1959.

Bell "Tinker Bell" Fairy


Tinker Bell was a Disney Princess before she decided to leave the squad and make her own pixie club. Like seriously, who does that? Nevermind, she died. She is known to befriend, and want to date Peter Pan, and be jealous of his ugly girlfriends. She obviously can't marry Peter Pan, however, since she's a butterfly, he's a human, and he never wants to grow up. In recent years, Tink has become 3D so she doesn't look like an idiotic drawing.

Ella "Cinderella" Glass


Cinderella is a Disney Princess made for toys. Her original name was Ella, but because of her nice step-witch, she is now Cinderella. Her godmother is a pixie, and sings songs like bippity-boppity-pooh. Cinderella eventually married an unnamed Prince Charming, giving her a fat father in law. Her personality includes happy, joyful, and annoyed. Other than that, she has no care in the world and just wants to dance with glass slippers so she can get some slices of them stuck in her feet.

Snow White "Snow White" Snow White


Snow White is a teenage girl that left seven petite men, including her grandfather, "Grampy", to die so that she could marry a prince with no name. She is commonly referred to as the "palest of all." Her stepmother, The Evil Queen tried to kill her because she wanted to be the palest, so she fed her an apple since she is allergic. So, Evil turned her self into a witch and made the dwarfs chase her down a cliff. But how did she meet the prince? Well, the prince intruded her house and forced her to drink saliva while she slept. What happened to the dwarfs? Well they have separate stories. Click HERE to find out!

Barbara "Barbie" Millicent Roberts

Screenshot 2016-11-23 at 9.01.06 AM

Barbie is what every girl should look like. She has the stereotypical blue eyes and blonde hair, and is thin as heck. There are many reasons why she is a Disney Princess. Barbie's Princessly personality includes rich, money, and costly. She may be a character made by Mattel, but she was in Toy Story 2 AND 3! And besides, Hasbro took Disney Princesses from Mattel, so why not take Barbie to be part of the franchise?

Disney Princess Disney Equivalents

Each of the fourteen offishalish Disney Princesses has a real-life Disney counterpart who is undoubtedly similar.

  1. Anna - Bella Thorne is a bloodhead just like Anna, but she can't be trusted!
  2. Ariel - Dove Cameron's dad is dead and Ariel's mom is, so they could potentially be shisters!
  3. Aurora - Ashley Tisdale's career is asleep, just like Aurora!
  4. Belle - Emma Watson occasionally cosplays as Belle!
  5. Cinderella - Brenna D'Amico is a wannabe fairy just like Cinderella's godmother!
  6. Elsa - Miley Cyrus knows exactly how to let her life go like Elsa does!
  7. Jasmine - Debby Ryan has dated a controversial person just like Jasmine!
  8. Merida - Taylor Swift is Merida's alter eagle because they both have curly hair!
  9. Moana - Selena Gomez's Netflix show is similar to the fact that Moana is the thirteenth actual princess!
  10. Mulan - Zendaya Coleman is a showman just like Mulan!
  11. Pocahontas - Hilary Duff is Lizzie McGuire, and Lizzie is a diminutive of Elizabeth - Pocahontas!
  12. Rapunzel - Demi Lovato's alter eagle Poot has hair resembling that of Rapunzel!
  13. Snow White - Sofia Carson is a descendant of Snow White's best childhood friend!
  14. Tiana - Raven Pearman and Frog Princess Tiana both have animals in their names!