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Dab is the dankest dance move in the Stoopiverse.

How to Dab

  • Put your arm across your face.
  • Put the other one up at a diagonal
  • Press the hand closest to your face on your face.



  • Dab iz also uh name 2 a danse. It ken olso bi yused as a "wakee" pos.
  • Deshna Lilyberry loves to dab when she dances to Tell Me What's Cookin'.
  • JustineCarl5 loves to dab especially when the song "Just Like That" by D-Cash is played. He sometimes do the Mannequin Challenge in a dabbing pose.
  • ShopkinsAddict is the QUEEN of dabbing.
  • CoolChocoCassandra thinks dabbing is weird, no offence.
  • Lava stamp has a friend named Ian who created a dab called "9/11" (Because his arms are pointed upwards like the Twin Towers). Which is absolutely ridiculous.
  • The backwards way of spelling "dab" is "bad".
  • "bad" Is also the only proper way to spell it.