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Colors are what non-blind people see. There are way more than seven of them but we can only list seven so ya.


Red is the most bloody[1] color. It is also the color of Snow White's lips. A variant of this color is called "Pink", or by some people "Peenk".


Orange[2] is the color of carrots. The variant of this color is called brown, the color of doo.


Yellow is the color of the sun[3]. A shiny version of this color is called golden, the most goals color.


Green is the color of grass[4]. It also is the color of your favorite veggie greens, like lettuce, Swiss chard, cabbage, and don't forget about spinach!


Blue is the color of the waters of the world[5]. A darker version, indigo, is sometimes a different color. However, it's obviously blue!


Purple is the color of violets[6]. It is usually shown on plants like lavender and lilac.


Gray is the color of dull[7] things. It has a lighter version called white and a darker called black.


  1. Sorry, Peoples of England. Bloody ain't no bad word in the USA!
  2. Not the round food, stupid!
  3. That's the way people remember yellow. However, the sun is WHITE.
  4. Alive grass, not hay. Hay is yellow.
  5. Blue is the color stupid people think water is; it's actually clear.
  6. Violets aren't blue, rhymers. Violet is also another name for purple, so it's 100% not blue.
  7. This is unscientific and biased.