Candy is the controversial treat which is most received on Easter, Christmas, and Halloween. It is Ziggy's favorite thing in the world, and that's why LazyTown had to be removed from TV. Why is candy so bad? It's not because it's unhealthy, it's because it is generally horrible. Here are all the most hated candies ever!

Most Hated Candies Ever

Dum Dums


Giving someone this is just an excuse for calling that person dumb. Do you realize how many people give these out on Halloween? There are so many of these being made that they all get thrown in the trash can. One of this wiki's admins heard someone say "why did you give me this?" in real life....about a dum dum. These are also very outdated candies as lollipops are not aesthetic. They are sometimes considered "bank candy".

Mary Jane


These candies are luckily not seen very much anymore as they fall into the category of "old people candies". Wouldn't you love to eat one of these? I'd think not! They even look boring, but that's life in the 19th century for you!



These candies are seriously hated. While they look like gumdrops, they aren't nearly as one would hope. Plus, they are way too chewy...they have been referred to as "chewy, flavorless jelly candy".

Good & Plenty


This is a direct quote: "they may look like drugs but they taste like licorice, and licorice is not candy." That ought to shows you how much people hate these little minions. And yes, I said ought, but that word is just as old as these outdated pills.

Laffy Taffy


Laffy Taffy is one of the most common unacceptable candies. First of all, it's not even candy—it's artificially flavored glue that will stick to your hand before you even place it in your mouth. The banana flavor is especially evil as it tastes like sticky sugar with a large dash of artificial sweetener as well as something that generally should not be considered edible. These candies are also made by Wonka so they are EVIL. Why is it called "Laffy" Taffy? Because it has jokes on the wrappers that are just as bad as the candy. Here's an example: "What did the girl sea say when the boy sea asked her for a date? — Shore." This candy has idiot jokes which kids won't even consider funny, so don't waste your money on this unaesthetic slime (goop).

Necco Wafers


Necco Wafers are another interesting type of "candy". Just as you’d suspect this is a candy that dates back to before the dinosaurs (1848). That previous sentence was a real quote by the way. Necco Wafers are famous for looking like something you would have at communion, but something about them, perhaps their taste, is the only thing that differentiates them. These bizarre circles come in many different colors, but in a single flavor—chalk. Some people think that these should belong on your sidewalk or perhaps on your grandmother's driveway in which she says that your chalk drawings are great when they look terrible—but not in one's mouth! These oversized smarties that taste like nails on a chalkboard should not go in the trash can, but flushing them down a toilet would be a much more suitable candydeath.