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Boohbah are microscopic beings who live inside lotus pods that the Teletubbies poop. Teletubbies are formed from Boohbah, as Boohbah can turn into Tiddlytubbies at the desired age.

The Boohbah have been described by famous scientist Alfred Q. Nincompoop as "gumdrops who communicate exclusively via fart noises". This description is 100% accurate, as Boohbah are known for their flatulence. Yes, Boohbah are some of the gassiest species in the Stoopiverse. The Boohbah body is actually 85% Gas, 12% Gummy Candy, & 3% Unknown Substances.

Boohbah are actually edible and come in an assortment of fruity flavors, but it is suggested you don't eat them or else you'll turn into a Story Person, who can't speak and shows little to no emotion.

Current Boohbah

Boobah of OUR world

The Story People

The Story People are people who ate Boohbah in the past, giving them the power to poop out Boohbah as well (like Teletubbies). However, the Boohbah feed on their souls, so the Story People are currently possessed by the Boohbah to show no emotion aside from happiness or surprise. They also don't talk at all and are VERY gassy, too.

Story People use giant, squeaky socks as their main mode of transportation.

Current Story People

Story People

All the Story People, save for Auntie and Little Dog Fido.